On my first trip to India, a local colleague made me walk across Mahatma Gandhi Road in Bangalore about a dozen times until I was comfortable with the traffic. Nearly 10 years later, in Hyderabad, I would amaze another colleague as I navigated the streets around the Charminar with the ease of a local. I love India. It love its mystique, its spirituality, its food, its peoples.

Travelling through Israel and Palestine with a contingent of friends from the Balkans bordered on surreal. So many illusions were shattered, so many misunderstandings unveiled. Like Dubai , the polarity of Qatar gave me lots to think about. I’m far from having a grip on that part of the world.

A month in Thailand, travelling mainly by bus and train, was an emotional rollercoaster that had me laughing and crying with equal abandon. It’s not for the fainthearted.