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It ain’t necessarily so

How I had lived this long and not seen Porgy and Bess is beyond me. Summertime is one of my favourite songs but I had

Made for Sunday mornings

I’m quite partial to a good market. The more flea-ridden the better. I’ve travelled in search of some, sought out others, and just happened across

2013 Grateful 30

Back in 2002, I was in Carlow in the Dinn Rí nightclub. This fellah with a very fla’ (read: flat!) midlands accent asked me out

Bouncing off the walls

I first heard of Tapolca when I worked on Marton Laszló’s autobiography shortly after I first came to Hungary. It’s the town were he was

Aging…like a good wine

‘Do you mind me asking how old you are? he said. ‘How old do you think?’ I replied. ‘I can’t see how you could be

2013 Grateful 31

This weekend, driving around the Balaton, I was mesmerised, not by the lake or the vineyards but by the grass verges on the roadside. Column

Shifting geographical loyalties

Since I first left Ireland back in 1990, I’ve had two homes. ‘Home’ is wherever I happened to be living at a given moment in

A bet is a bet

Fancy dress and all that comes with it makes me break out in a cold sweat. I hate dressing up unless we’re talking ‘put on

Pageantry and pomp

I’m not one given to pageantry. I have little time for pomp and ceremony. I dread networking events and am allergic to structured meet and

Moving statues: from Ballinspittle to Budapest

Quare things have been known to happen in Ireland, especially on the long walk home from the pub after a feed of pints and extra

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