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Sheets of broken ice hug brown-hued rocks along the edge of a greeny-water lake with a silhouette of black leafless trees on the horizon

Balatongyörök, Hungary

I’m a huge fan of the Balaton. In winter. Not in summer. I thoroughly dislike it in summer. But in winter it’s magical. There’s a

Rönök, Hungary: The iron curtain

I’m easily distracted. Especially if I don’t have a deadline. Driving to Graz, Austria, we watched the slow metamorphosis of the villages as we moved

in the foreground, a wooden sign on a post in white paint reads REMETE - hungarian for HERMITGAE. It sits in a field with a forest to the right and blue sky in the background

Nagykapornak, Hungary

Ah, the number of times we’ve driven through Nagykapornak on our way to and from the county seat of Zalaegerszeg. We’d spot the twin domes

Zalamerenye, Zala, Hungary

I love a good road trip. I like the freedom to be able to stop whenever and wherever takes my fancy. I’m fascinated by the

Azáleás-völgy, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

Something magical happens in May in western Hungary. The azalea bushes start to flower. And in western Hungary, near Zalaegerszeg, the county seat of Zala

Vörs, Somogy, Hungary

Road trips through greater Hungary always left me wondering what people did in the myriad villages that dot the nation. That was before I moved

View over the Balaton from Interior of Hold és Csillag restaurant in Balatongyörök

Balatongyörök, Zala, Hungary

Balatongyörök is one of the ribbon villages that have attached themselves to the parcel that is Keszthely. As you drive out of Keszthely towards Szigliget,

Kránicz - Pincészet és a Többi

Garabonc, Zala, Hungary

The Hungarian countryside is awash with ribbon villages – long straight roads lined on either side with houses that mark the progress of development in

Tall statue of a woman dressed in plastic in front of Keszthely palace

Zala, Hungary

Zala megye (county) in southwestern Hungary borders both Croatia and Slovenia. In pre-Hungarian days, the village of Zalavár was quite a metropolis. Today, it’s home

Nagybakónak, Hungary: There’s energy in them there hills

Chasing down some copper and iron wall lights, we found ourselves in the village of Nagybakónak, in the county of Zala in southwest Hungary 17