Zala, Hungary

Tall statue of a woman dressed in plastic in front of Keszthely palace

Zala megye (county) in southwestern Hungary borders both Croatia and Slovenia. In pre-Hungarian days, the village of Zalavár was quite a metropolis. Today, it’s home to the Kis-Balaton Bemutatóház (little lake house) and a working archaeological dig. It’s perhaps best known for the funny-shaped church that houses an exhibition of the seven built wonders of Zala county and the seven natural wonders. I’ve been ticking them off but there’s still a while to go.

One of the seven built wonders is Festetics Palace in Keszthely. I’ve written about it before. It’s a magnificent place and well worth a look. If you’re in and around Zala right now, stop by to see the fabulous design exhibition on the grounds. Exquisitely tall women are dressed in costumes made from bin bags, old CDs, plastic grapes, sheets of insulation, foil – it’s all there. These are some of my favourites. Enjoy,













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