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the Blue Church Bratislava

Bratislava – Feeding the Soul

I was brought up thinking that every time I visited a church for the first time, I got three wishes. And if I visited more

Bratislava – Feeding the mind

We don’t usually go in for guided tours. Unless, of course, we want to go somewhere that otherwise might be difficult. Like the Atlas Mountains

Bratislava – Feeding the body

I’m not a great one for going by other people’s reviews. It’s all so subjective. I’ll happily take recommendations if you’ve been there and done

Just popping next door

Growing up in Ireland, living on the continent had an allure that would eventually prove irresistible. Hearing something described as ‘continental’, be it a look,

Winter wonderland without the snow

It doesn’t take much to imagine the neighbourhood deep in snow. But it does take a lot for me to imagine snow polo – horses

New heights

I’ve done my fair share of nose upturning at people walking the city streets using what look a lot like ski poles. Poles in the

Spišská Sobota

As the week draws to a close, I’m officially confused. Even more so than usual. Back in 2009, I went on a road-trip to Eastern

Where did all the people go?

Fifty-five thousand people live in Poprad-Tatry in Slovakia. We may have seen 100, if that. In the High Tatras for the weekend, Poprad-Tatry was our

Break for the border

I have an innate distrust of guide books, the well-known names in the travel world. I doubt if the authors have ever even been to

Sitting still

A good way of getting to know a city, without resorting to guide books, is to read a fictional novel that’s set there. Another way,