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Zalaszabar, Hungary

Rural Hungary is littered with little towns and villages that don’t seem to offer much by way of interest and entertainment until you venture off

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Hungary For much of the past twelve years, Budapest has been where I’ve shelved my books, but for the past few, my heart and home


Asia On my first trip to India, a local colleague made me walk across Mahatma Gandhi Road in Bangalore about a dozen times until I


Europe Living as I do in the heart of Europe, I’m spoiled for choice. So many countries are within easy reach. From our village, we


Americas I travelled a lot around the USA and Mexico before I ever started blogging. What you see here is where I’ve been since then.


Africa I visited South Africa for the first time, weighed down not with expectations but with preconceptions. While there, I wrote a piece for the

Gangi, Sicily

Voted the most beautiful village in Italy in 2014, Gangi doesn’t have a village feel. From the minute you start the long, convoluted climb to

A town too often overlooked: Scicli, Sicily

We went to visit Scicli because of its fame as the location of Montalabano’s Vigata. But even if you’re not a Montalbano fan, it’s a

Chasing Montalbano: Scicli, Sicily

It took me forever to remember to pronounce Scicli as Sheekly and it’s not like I was short of teachers or correctors. Vigata was much

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