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Donkeys, Albania

Donkeys isn’t a village; it’s a secret of sorts. It’s a donkey farm near the tiny village of Kopaçez that you can (and should) only

Mursi and Ksamil, Albania

When you have so little time and when a place offers so much to see and do, it’s hard to choose. That’s where good guides

Mesopotam and Butrint, Albania

I’m not a huge fan of archaeological ruins. I have friends who rave about Roman ruins and Megalithic temples but they don’t really get my

Lukova, Albania

About 3000 people, mainly Orthodox Albanians, call the village of Lukova (Lukovë), home. The village gets its name from the old Slavic word, lluke, which

Saranda, Albania

I’d have been really annoyed with myself if I’d been in Corfu and not known I could cross the Ionian Strait to Saranda, Albania. As

Albania: What I didn’t know I didn’t know

With Ireland, for the most part, enjoying a stellar reputation abroad, I find it difficult to imagine what it must be like to see and