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Andalusia: Granada

If I had to choose one city to revisit from this trip across Andalusia, it would have to be Granada. Yes, Ronda is beautiful. Yes,

By Roger W Haworth, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Andalusia: From Seville to Granada

The road from Seville to Granada is a long one, especially if your point of origin is Burgau, in the Algarve. We’d already experienced driving


Andalusia: Seville

Seville. Oranges. Seville oranges. The city, with its 25 000 or so orange trees, has capitalised on the fruit: it’s in everything from lip balm

Parador Cartama

Andalusia: From Córdoba to Seville

I stand in shame. How I ever could have written off Spain as a being the sum of Barcelona, Madrid, and Costa del Sol is

Mezquita Córdoba

Andalusia: Córdoba

Mass in a mosque on a Monday. So that was why I wanted to come to Córdoba. I had completely forgotten. The main attraction in

Andalusia: From Cádiz to Córdoba

When we were planning this road trip through Andalusia, Córdoba had been near the bottom of his list and near the top of mine. But

Andalusia: Cádiz

There’s been an air of expectancy around Cádiz for the last 24 hours. Neat stacks of folded chairs lined the streets and squares. Suited men

Alcaidesa beach lunch

Andalusia: From Ronda to Cádiz

Gibraltar has been on my list of places to see for a long time, but faced with the thoughts of exiting the Schengen Area and


Andalusia: From Cártama to Ronda

I love a good road trip. Preferably one through places I’ve not been before. My experience in Spain has been limited to Madrid and Barcelona.

The shame counter

It’s 10 degrees outside. It’s cold. It’s wet. The wind is blowing and the rain is puddling. Last week, it was snowing. And I was