Stories from travels in

New Mexico

The Chihuahuan Desert

Bleak. Barren. Beautiful. It’s hard to describe the scenery in New Mexico, especially as you drive towards the Arizona border and the competing beauty of

The ABC of ABQ

Back when I was working in a peroxide plant in Longview, Washington, I decided to move. It wasn’t the smell from the paper mill across

Bikers and bars

There’s a 65-mile stretch of road between Santa Fe and Albuquerque (ABQ) that’s known as the Turquoise Trail. Seven towns span the route and it

Old or outsourced

Santa Fe is home to one of the largest art markets in the world. If you have money, an eclectic taste in clothes and jewellery,

Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe

For as along as I can remember being aware of the power of prayer, I’ve have had to balance the idea of praying with the

A cowboy stole my heart

My bucket list is long and varied but right up there was to go to a real, live rodeo. One that wasn’t for tourists but

Supersized me – po’girl carrying excess baggage

Walking down the aisle on the aeroplane en route from Chicago to Munich, I found it difficult to keep my distance from those occupying aisle

The land of enchantment

The New Mexico state motto  is Crescit Eundo (It grows as it goes). From the epic scientific poem De Rerum Natura   (On the nature

The mother road

I finally got to drive Route 66. Not all of it, just a short stretch, but enough to feel the magic. Dubbed the ‘Mother Road