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2015 Grateful 49

I like my food. And I like the rituals that go alongside all things culinary. But to see my dinner marched into a room on

Resolutions and bucket lists

My one and only New Year’s resolution is to whittle away at my bucket list. I’m increasingly conscious of the limited time we have on

Old traditions die hard

I got a bit of a shock yesterday from which I’m only now recovering. I received a Christmas card, in the post, from Ireland. I

2014 Grateful 4

Last week started off well and finished well – but the bits in between I could live without repeating. If I’d charted my emotional well-being,

2014 Grateful 12

Each year, for the last four years, Ronnie Thompson would come to Budapest in March. The Londoner visited at other times, too, but it was

2014 Grateful 18

I had a meltdown last weekend. I reverted to type – completely. I turned into a 1950’s helpless woman. I exhibited every stereotypical female emotion


I reconnected recently with someone I met when I first came to Hungary nearly 7 years ago. We had coffee, caught up, had a great

2014 Grateful 19

‘We learn something new every day, and lots of times it’s that what we learned yesterday was wrong’ – I’m with you there, Bill Vaughan.

Intimate apparel

Back in a previous life, many lifetimes ago, I lived in London. For about 18 months, I went to the theatre at least twice a

2014 Grateful 23

Edward de Bono once joked with me that I could have a case for the Court of Human Rights. He reckoned that between the whole

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