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July 2019

Picturesque Piran – The Specifics

There are myriad blogs out there on what to do in Piran. There are lists upon lists of where to eat and where to stay.

Picturesque Piran

The vague recollection of walking the harbour at Piran didn’t start niggling until Day 2 in this fabulous Slovenian town. Walking from the outer beach

Zalaszántó Stupa

When we travel on a fixed route from A to B, we often miss so much in between. We’re so focused on getting there on

Belonging to a Prince – Nagykanizsa, Hungary

Nagykanizsa (know to locals as simply Kanizsa) is a town in southwestern Hungary. It gets its name from the Slavic Kynsa, which translates as ‘belonging

Travelling in Search of World Class Hungarian Sparkling Wine

Hungarian wine is as good as it gets. The number of small organic producers is growing. The big guys continue to make the technical stuff

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