Stories from travels in

June 2015

The visit (5)

Dad came to collect him and democracy was restored. I went from a co-starring spot to a supporting role in double-jig time. Once the UN building

The visit (3)

Seven days in and we’re both still alive, if bordering on exhaustion. I want to be a kid again so I can stay up all

The Visit (2)

We’re still talking. But I’m knackered. His mother told me that he was too like me for comfort and now I’m finally getting a glimpse

The visit (1)

I’ve never been responsible for another living being for any length of time, apart from a week of dog-sitting many years ago in Alaska. And

Tuscan tattoos

Are tattoos to bodies what graffiti is to walls and buildings? I’m not sure. There’s been a lot in the press lately about tattoos and

Dealing with my petulance

I’ve long since resigned myself to the fact that in Budapest, just as in anywhere else in the world, some people working in the service

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