Truth from the Cockpit

I miss travelling. I miss planes. And airports. And even RyanAir’s annoying we’re-ahead-of-schedule-but-only-because-we-buffered-the-timetable bugle call. Worse still, it’s taking me longer and longer to conjure up the feeling I get when I board a long-haul flight and scan the in-flight magazine to see what movies I can catch up on. Strangely, I can still recall, nearly word for word, the safety announcement, especially the tinned RyanAir recording that has edited out all the pauses between sentences. So bloody annoying. That I don’t miss. But other stuff, I do.

This week, I received a link to Doug Lansky’s pre-flight safety video and discovered his world of rethinking tourism. I’ll never listen to a safety announcement in the same way again.

It’s funny, insightful, and somewhat scary. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time. Am feeling a little like that gopher, seeing the plane travel in a new light.




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