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Time as a couch, not a tool

Last week, I did something I rarely do. I went to evening mass on Saturday. A middle-aged man stood by one of the confessionals, watching

Where continuity has been broken

Until the 1980s, what is now Is-Simar wildlife sanctuary in Malta was a marshy area used as a dump. Back in 1995, BirdLife Malta took

Il-kappella ta’ San Mattew

Maltese churches are fascinating. Legends abound and the story of San Mattew’s church and the live-in lovers is one of a kind. St Matthew’s is

Chapel-chasing in Malta

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that there’s nothing to do in Malta once you’ve seen the temples and the hypogeum. I was over there

bull's horn malta

God bless and bull’s horns

My trouble with pronouncing Hungarian vowels is legendary, if nowhere else than in my own mind. But for me, Hungarian has met its match in

The price of progress

On 3 July, residents of the town of Malta in the state of New York will be getting ready to celebrate the holiday of holidays

Basil Graffiti Malta

Who the f!*$ is Basil? Graffiti in Malta

Like a lot of things in Malta, the graffiti is contained… contained mainly to underpasses and skate parks. The island is not awash with colourful

carnival in Malta, colourful floats, carnival floats, prinjolata

Carnival in Malta

Shrove Tuesday – the last chance for you to use up your eggs, empty your jam jars, use up the syrup and pig out before

Hypogeum in Malta

Hidden depths – the Hypogeum in Malta

When I was seven, my twenty-year-old cousin was old, which made my forty-year-old aunt very old and my grandmother positively ancient. Age was relative –

Island of Gozo near Maxokk Bakery

Out of the smallest kitchens…Maxokk Bakery

It doesn’t look like much, does it? And its name, The Maxokk Bakery, apart from being unpronounceable, isn’t really an accurate description of what it

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