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The new Dubai?

Travel between Georgian cities is by way of marshrutkas – minivans driven by madmen. In Kutaisi, they leave from the bus station car park and stop


I’m not great at needlework. I can’t paint. I don’t have the patience to bead. Pottery, ceramics, and mosaics are beyond my reach, artistic wise.

The tests of time

Years ago, in another world, when I was living an Irish version of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City, I shared a house with an

A basic luxury

The tides of fortune ebb and flow. Periods of economic prosperity are often preceded and succeeded by periods of austerity. At any given moment in


Many moons ago, a priest friend of mine visiting Budapest begged me not to take him on an ABC tour. Him being a priest, Anglican,

The original Jurassic Park?

I prefer to wander rather than be led. But needs must. When time is limited with just one day to see so much, it’s best


The Ancient Greeks had their agora – a central gathering place that was ‘the centre of athletic, artistic, spiritual and political life of the city’. Kutaisi, like

A pilgrimage … of sorts

Bagrati Cathedral looms over the city of Kutaisi like a proud parent wondering how her child will turn out. It can be seen from any

First day in the second city

My last attempt to visit Georgia had to be aborted due in part to being refused a visa for Azerbaijan (I wanted to get the midnight

Air travel from Georgia

Apart from the obvious environmental repercussions, the stress that can accompany airline travel makes me wonder why I persist. Not every flight is stressful but