Give me kids and a classic car and I’ll do it!

1DKThere are lives I like. There are lives that fascinate me. And there are lives that I’d like to borrow for a while and  try out. One such life belongs to an Argentinian family – the Zapps – who have been touring the world for the past 16 years in a vintage 1928 Graham-Paige.
They started off taking a six-month trip from Argentina to Alaska … but they kept going. Herman said once that ‘the hardest thing of the entire journey was that first day when you have to begin and leave everything behind and go directly into the unpredictable, the unknown and the strange’. I know that feeling. It sounds like the same one I had when I was into reinventing myself every few years.
The kids were born along the way: Pampa  was born in the USA, Tehue was born in Argentina; Paloma was born in Canada; and  Wallaby was born in Australia. And they’re still travelling. That should make the World Cup interesting.
Their’s is a remarkable story. They’ve written a book – Spark your Dream and shared their story. It’s available on Amazon, if you’re curious. Or better still, come get one from them directly this weekend in Budapest.
On Saturday, 7th May, they’ll be showing off their car at Budaors Aerport/Airfield (District 11) from 10am amongst a gathering of old planes and veteran cars in a free public viewing.
On Sunday, 8th May at 2.30pm they’ll be at Lumen Cafe  (District VIII. Mikszáth tér 2-3) to talk (in English) about their travel experiences, show some photos,  take questions and sign their book.
See you there.


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  1. You may not remember this Mary, but the guy that 1st introduced me to you ‘Paul Evans’ will be in the Caledonia this Sunday after calibrating his stag weekend here in Hungary to watch his team Arsenal play at 5ok.

    1. Love it, calibrating a stag… will use that one and credit you, of course. Ta for the heads up. Not sure about Arsenal, but I’d like to see Mr Evans.

      1. Indeed, the mind boggles! Wasn’t it Mrs Beeton, she of cook-book fame, who is supposed to have written ‘First catch your stag . . .’?

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