norbert-papp-1283247537-squareI fixate. I don’t obsess. I fixate. There is a very subtle difference in my mind, with the latter being a little more dangerous for others. Last year I discovered Papp Norbert – a Hungarian illustrator. I fell in love with a piece of his art. I went back to visit it several times and brought arty friends along for their opinion. I even went to the trouble of cajoling a friend into ‘borrowing’ it from the gallery to see if it would fit on my wall in the flat. It didn’t. It didn’t fit. It upset everything. And even though it didn’t work, I was sorely tempted to buy it anyway, knowing that some day I will move. I even thought about selling my flat and buying another one so that I could change the decor to fit. But I didn’t. And after a while, other fixations took over.


Walking by the same gallery this week (it’s on my street – so handy) I noticed that they have an exhibition of two outside artists – one of whom is my man Papp Norbert. [I say outside, because usually the work being exhibited is a mix of some professional artists and artists who use the gallery’s art therapy programme.] So I went inside. Last time I had two to choose from; this time I had a whole wall. And I was mesmerized.

I can’t quite put my finger what it is that I find so enthralling. They’re quite heavy on the gold and some look a little like frames from a comic book. I think it’s a mix of the vibrant colours and the exquisite detail. I can look and look and then come back and look again and find something I didn’t notice before. And they speak volumes.

So now I’m fixating again. A slightly smaller piece (approx 3 pens x 5 pens – you measure with what you have to hand) that would fit my hallway, were I to deviate from the existing black-and-white. I came to a dead stop in front of it because it could have been painted about me. It was like seeing my life on canvas – hopes and dreams in browns, blues, and vivid shades of orange. So I’m fixating again.  And measuring. And have emailed my contact at the gallery. Just to see.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by. Üllői út 60-62 Art Brut Galéria. It’s a great little spot, doing some trojan work in art therapy. They even have open art classes on Tuesday afternoons.

The Moravcsik Foundation started in 1991 with the sole aim of contributing to the treatment and rehabilitation of psychiatric patients through art therapy. In 2005, it helped create an art therapy workshop within the nearby Psychiatric Clinic at Semmelweiss University. In 2006, the artists’ work was first introduced to the public in an effort to reshape its perception of those living with psychiatric illnesses.

[Yes, I’m quoting myself – how odd!]

And I just heard that Papp Norbert will be doing a sand animation and giving a workshop on Wednesday, 3rd June at 4pm. Details on Facebook.


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  1. Interesting……….do you buy art because it is a nice peice of ‘wallpaper’ that fits into your idea of a perfect interior design or do you buy it because you like it and it then when it is hung in your home it contributes to an interior that reflects you and your taste………….Hmmmm

  2. Mary, while my comment isn’t relevant to the thread of your post, I want to wish your club the best of luck tomorrow. A win and a little help from Giyrmot and you’ll be able to watch 1912 from the comfort of Budapest at least 4 times next year. It isn’t that traveling a few miles to see your club is any hardship, but there are times when sleeping in on a weekend is greatly enjoyed.

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