Finally … a decision

BZs came to breakfast. I told myself that if he drove, I’d ask him to take me to get a Christmas tree. One of the first things he said when he arrived was ‘Hey, I took public transport for once!’ The tree gods were telling me something. But still I was hankering. KG offered me hers as they are leaving for the holidays. But along with the hankering was the need for immediate gratification. I couldn’t wait till the weekend. I wanted it now. A quick check on Kika’s website showed me one that would do nicely – only thing was, I couldn’t be sure where it was made. Would I go there only to find it was made in China?

IMG_1281 (768x1024)The tree gods were talking to me again. I went. There was one big one left. On sale. And it was made in Poland. [Tip: If you want the world to look at you, carry a 1.5 metre metal tree on the tram and the metro.]

Going through my boxes of ornaments would have been everything I’d hoped it would be had I not been rushing to get a bus to Belgrade.  With time pressing, it was like a whirlwind tour of my life – with ornaments from all over the USA, from Alaska to Louisiana and beyond: a lobster from Maine, Santa on an alligator from Louisiana, cable cars from San Francisco.  Hungary is well represented too, with quite a collection of hand-painted bells, and cornhusk cribs. I have a miniature violin from Strasbourg, a lemon from Modica, a felt angel from Mongolia, and a gorgeous set of carvings from Bethlehem that I can’t place at all.

IMG_1274 (1024x768)Best of all though, I have been cataloguing these ornaments since 1994 – nearly 20 years! I have a record of where each one came from, where I was, when I was there, who I was with, or who brought it back from somewhere. People I knew (and still know), places I visited, places I have yet to visit , birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, births, deaths, marriages – all represented on my trees (yes, I bought two, little and large).

IMG_1237 (800x588)So what brought about this change of heart and mind? Well, I ‘did the markets’ at the weekend. I tried blood sausage in Obuda and was surprised that what I thought was a cranberry … wasn’t. But I survived. In the company of the lovely BS, we figured the safest course of action was to drown the bugs in mulled wine. It worked. We hit the food fair at Hold utca market where I capped off a wild mushroom soup with a rather expensive macaroon. From there we went for some better cake at the Bedő Ház.  On Sunday, we tried hot beer at WAMP and won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

IMG_1249 (800x600)All this wandering about, and seeing the city dressed for the festivities, put a longing on me. I’ve made a note in my diary to stay in Budapest next December for as long as possible. The weather is great – cold dry days with the occasional blue sky. The type of cold that makes me feel alive. [Easy for me to say, I know, when I’m dressed for it – not so nice for those who are not.] It’s that time of year when goodwill abounds – people give to strangers, do good deeds, and generally are a lot nicer to their fellow-man. Dare I say it … I’m getting in the mood! ‘Tis Christmas!!!!

PS: Today is the 12th day of the 12th month in 2012 so at 12 minutes past 12 noon, make a wish.


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  1. Dear MM, I was not feeling cold until I read your blog. I hope that you really do realise that you are so blessed – no such thing as monotony in your life. But…… next time you plan to do your tree – that should be treasured with time, so many memories, so many people and so many years of reminiscing – not rushing around to finish it (as is your life).
    After writing to you about preparation I started crocheting for ‘my’ grand child, I put up the baby Jesus and the tree – and ever since that ‘preparation’ word, I have been enjoying everything I do. I am preparing for the birth of my first grandchild – preparing for the coming of Jesus, the coming of the husband, the coming of the children etc., – it really has made me look at things differently, thank you for making me think about the word ‘preparation’.
    God bless

  2. Hello Mary, this is a great Christmas tree, I love the stories hanging on the tree, and how a lobster can coexist with a husky, plus all the unusual balls 🙂
    But most importantly, this reassured me that picking just one special thing is so much better than ‘proper sets’ in anything. I love to be at a table where the plates are not identical, and I love the look of a tree where each decor has its own way made to your tree.
    Thank you for sharing, as always!
    ps: hot beer? oh my.

  3. Lovely, lovely hidden treat. I can almost smell the sausages, which seem to be the perfect snack for decorating a Christmas tree. I got distracted from the ornaments–I love the idea of a display for cherished memories! Has everyone else found the ‘Easter egg’ — or am I the only one who did not know about them? Is this a 12:12:12 12/12/12 surprise?

  4. Hi Mary,

    I unpack the ornament and lovely letter you gave me, many years ago in Alaska. I then know it’s Christas time and thoughts and memories abound. Thank you wonderful friend. Peace and love are heading your way – and being sent around the world. I hope many listen. Love, Donna

  5. Hi Mary
    Thanks for sharing the picture of your tree. That tree with all it’s treasured story ornaments is as unique as you are!!! Love it! Merry Christmas!

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