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November 2022

GP: Lady Gregory of Punjab, Andretta, India

I met my friend Kajal in Bangalore many moons ago where both of us studied with the late Dick McHugh SJ. I’ve been following her

Mishaps and miracles. Coron, Philippines

As I sit at home feeling cold, himself is enjoying his travels in the Phillipines. This is his latest update. **** I’m writing while on

Big Lagoon near El Nido, Palawan

Philippines: Prelude

Over the next few weeks, Himself will be posting photos and stories from an epic trip he’s taking to Fülöp-szigetek. It won’t be quite the

Vicenza, Italy

I love travelling with himself. We do stuff together, but we also do our own thing. I went to the beach one day and he

Multi-arched bridge spanning a wide river lit up at night

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux. A colour. A wine. A French city. A city that wasn’t on my radar as I’m not a massive fan of red wine. We

Canal de Garonne, France

I ended up in a yacht race once, thinking I was going along to dribble my toes in the water as I lolled on deck