Stories from travels in

November 2014

Down to a fine art at Psychart24

I took Art in school. I can’t draw but in my early teens I quite fancied myself as an impressionist. Daubing various splotches of different

Balls and broomsticks

When I think of Cambridge, I think of earnest young brains who are preparing themselves to lead the world in their various fields and fancies.

Adding the extra to ordinary

You might pass Szentpétery Vera on the street in Gödöllő without registering her. If you didn’t know better, you might think her just another ordinary

Brains, butts, and boats

People wonder why so many smart people come out of Harvard. It’s not rocket science, says Edward de Bono, it’s because so many smart people

Tea parties and hookers

I’ve been to Boston a few times but I must have spent most of that time hanging out in pubs, as I have little recollection

Salem, MA: Of witches and wizards

There was a stage in my life when I would drive the length and breadth of Ireland to see a fortune teller. I was fascinated,

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