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May 2012

Buildings in Berlin

One of the many things that make Berlin interesting is the juxtaposition of old and new. Streets in the city are lined with alternate old

Which Way is East?

Before last week, what I knew about Berlin would have fit on the back of a milk carton. Think Berlin – think the wall. Visiting

Berlin Markets: Todelmarkt and Mauerpark

It’s a testimony to German efficiency that a market spanning two city blocks can be set up and taken down every day. The transition from

A Tale of Two Cities

It seemed as if there were two cities. One that I could touch and feel. Another that I only caught the occasional glimpse of. A

A Splash of Colour

Berlin never struck me as a city that would be particularly colourful. When I think of colour and cities in the same sentence, I think

The most bombed place on Earth

In 1942, Malta was the most bombed place on Earth. This small island strategically placed between Italy and North Africa, was a British military base

There’s more to the Czech Republic than Prague

When I think Czech Republic, I think Prague. I did spend a couple of days in Kralupy once but that hardly qualifies as having seen

Do you recognise this church?

I spotted this church down a side street as I hit upon downtown Valtice. I have trawled the Internet looking for some information and have

Shopping in Sarajevo

Since I started to boycott products made in China, my shopping habits have been severely curtailed. I loathe high streets and shopping malls with a

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